B.A. Degree in Liberal Studies - Entrepreneurship Specialty Concentration (Launching August 2020!)

The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies is a multidisciplinary degree program designed for students whose needs or interests require a more broadly based liberal arts curriculum than is possible through existing disciplines. Most students pursuing this major intend to become teachers in K-8 classrooms and the Liberal Studies major program provides all the subject matter content required by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC).

The General Program allows students to declare a specific Concentration (which includes Entrepreneurship), and prepares them to enter the Multiple Subject (Elementary School) teaching credential, generally during a fifth year of post-graduate study in the College of Education.

B.A. Degree in Liberal Studies - Entrepreneurship Specialty Concentration – for full information on the program requirements, please go here

Come and Kick Our Tires!

Exploring Entrepreneurship

Still not convinced that your major field of study could use an entrepreneurial advantage?
Then we invite you to come and try it out with our ENTR 100 – Exploring Entrepreneurship, a free elective course that includes: hands-on experiential learning. Be prepared to tackle the status quo, apply hard work, and have fun while doing it!

Dive right into what entrepreneurship actually is all about? Who are entrepreneurs? How does one become an entrepreneur? This course examines the key questions encountered by individuals considering the path of business ownership. Focus on examining the history and role of entrepreneurs in the economy, characteristics of entrepreneurs, career paths of entrepreneurship and one's personal potential as an entrepreneur.