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News: Two CSUSB graduate students selected for prestigious 2024 PledgeLA VC Fellowship - Mon, June 10, 2024

Mon, June 10, 2024

Two CSUSB graduate students selected for prestigious 2024 PledgeLA VC Fellowship

Two CSUSB graduate students selected for prestigious 2024 PledgeLA VC Fellowship

CSUSB graduate students Tatiana Jackson and Miranda Lee have been selected for the prestigious 2024 PledgeLA VC Fellowship cohort. This Los Angeles-based fellowship promoted diversity and inclusion within the venture capital ecosystem.

Two Cal State San Bernardino graduate students, Tatiana Jackson and Miranda Lee, have been selected for the prestigious 2024 PledgeLA VC Fellowship cohort. Organized by PledgeLA, this fellowship promotes diversity and inclusion within the venture capital (VC) ecosystem.

The 2024 PledgeLA VC Fellowship cohort includes ten motivated and impact-driven fellows placed at nine partner firms and accelerators. After a rigorous selection process, each fellow completed three months of intensive training in venture capital fundamentals, collaborating with founders of high-growth startups and seasoned investors. This experience culminated in the completion of an investment memo project and the development of a personal investment thesis aligned with their vision as the next generation of trailblazers in venture capital.

Jackson, who will join Avivar Capital as a fellow, is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MSEI) at CSUSB’s Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration. Concurrently, she is completing the Reserve Officer Training to become commissioned as a United States Army officer. A native of South Central Los Angeles, Jackson graduated from California State University, Northridge as a first-generation college student. She earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in child development, graduating debt-free. Jackson founded Future Wealthy Minorities Inc., driven by her passion to help others achieve their goals, regardless of cultural background, financial status, or gender.

“Coming from Compton, Calif., as a black woman service member, and having founded a nonprofit organization in Los Angeles, I bring a unique perspective that I’m eager to share,” said Jackson. “I’m excited to jump into discussions, learn from industry leaders, and use my diverse background to analyze investment opportunities that not only make financial sense but also create positive social impact. And I’m particularly passionate about projects that champion diversity, equity, and inclusion – they’re close to my heart. This internship isn’t just about personal growth; it’s about using what I learn to make a real difference in the venture capital and investing community.”

Lee, also pursuing her MSEI degree at CSUSB, will be a fellow at Kaya Ventures. With over 15 years of experience in operations, training, program design, and business operations, Lee is an accomplished learning and performance manager. As the founder and principal learning designer at LX Labs, an experiential learning agency, she has collaborated with renowned brands such as Cisco, F5 Networks, Southern California Edison, and Microsoft.

“As a woman entering the world of venture capital, I am deeply committed to advancing gender equality and empowering underrepresented founders,” said Lee. “Did you know that in the U.S. only 11% of VC investing partners are women, and all-women-led startups receive just 2.3% of venture capital funding, despite performing as well as male-founding teams? These statistics underscore the urgency of the PledgeLA mission. There’s more work to be done here, and I’m excited to be a part of that effort. I’m thrilled to join the venture capital world and gain hands-on experience that will equip me to support underrepresented founders. I aim to become a more effective advocate for diversity and inclusion in entrepreneurship.”

PledgeLA is a coalition of venture capitalists, tech companies and community organizations committed to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in the Los Angeles tech and VC ecosystem. With support from the Annenberg Foundation, PledgeLA launched its venture capital internship program in 2019 to expand access to this sector for underrepresented individuals.

The PledgeLA VC Fellowship program involves comprehensive training in venture capital fundamentals, including financial modeling, fund structure and economics, sourcing, funding instruments and cap tables, and investment memos. Fellows gain hands-on experience in the due diligence and investment process through a full-time, eight-week summer internship at a Los Angeles venture capital firm, supported by a stipend of $10,000. Additionally, the program provides robust networking opportunities and career support within the LA venture ecosystem.

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